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  • Colloquio con Andrés Segovia, Andrea De Vitis

    Andrea De Vitis

    DotGuitar pubblica il mio cd di debutto "Colloquio con Andrés Segovia".

    It is all but common to find a present-day, young guitar concert performer who would elect an icon like Andrés Segovia as the ideal mentor for an imaginary conversation spanning across time. As the utmost representative of the guitar’s rebirth in the twentieth century, Segovia, well after his death in 1987, continued to embody a sort of myth which concert goers – and, as a matter of fact, even those who do not attend concert halls – identified with the guitar. It is a pairing which has only another match in the history of music, and that is the one between Paganini and the violin. However, whereas two generations of guitarists after the Spanish maestro’s departure fostered and submitted to the charismatic sway of his personality, the youngest adepts appear to have sidelined Segovia’s art, pursuing newer, sundry paths. In his CD Andrea De Vitis reinstates Segovia as the centrepiece of his research. It is a move one must construe as a poetical choice, a yearning to take up anew a way of conceiving the art of guitar playing. One has to listen just a few moments to realize he is not yet another of Segovia’s pathetic imitators who, to no avail, went on for over half a century cloning the maestro’s style, and then giving themselves off as his heirs. This is instead a performer standing on his legs, striving to work out a well defined style of his own. He re-approaches Segovia because he chooses to do so, and can afford it, without getting lost imitating his model.

    (Testo tratto dalle note di copertina di Angelo Gilardino; traduzione di Sergio Gilardino)



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