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    Gangi Music for Guitar

    Brilliant Classics pubblica il CD "Gangi Music for Guitar" dedicato alla musica per chitarra sola di Mario Gangi interpretata dal chitarrista italiano Alessandro Minci.
    La tracklist include:
    Jennifer • Blues • Fiaba • Preludio a Eva • Con Tanta Tenerezza • Sonatina in Stile Antico • Berceuse per Sara Ricordo • Incantevole • Ninna Nanna a Pabù • Canzone Breve • Sara • Raccontino • Gavottina • Marianne • Piccola Ballata • Melodietta • La Pianola • Crepuscolo • Panoramica

    Dal sito dell'editore:
    Mario Gangi (1923-2010) was among the pre-eminent Italian guitarists of his generation. Born in Rome to a professional jazz-musician father, Gangi graduated from the city’s Accademia della Santa Cecilia and soon followed in his father’s footsteps as both an orchestral bassist (with the local radio orchestra) and a guitarist. This latter career took off in the 50s: Gangi gave several important first performances of concertos by the likes of Petrassi and even Giuliani. A distinguished discography bears testament to a supremely fluent technician whose gifts as a shaper of melody are reflected in these brief songs for guitar on this album. 

    According to the guitarist Alessandro Minci, these songs explore the most intimate and sensitive side of Gangi’s output for the guitar, combining jazz, classical and popular idioms in an entirely personal voice and one which speaks with the eclectic, cosmopolitan spirit of his age. The album thus makes an essential complement to the Brilliant Classics issue of the 22 Studies (BC95204) drawn from the third volume of Gangi’s influential guitar method. Several of them evoke natural landscapes; others cast wistful glances back at childhood, at the Baroque heritage of his instrument, and at past loves and passions. 

    "Moti Dell'Anima" Rosario Gioeni plays Domenico Scaminante

    Il chitarrista siciliano Rosario Gioeni interpreta l'integrale delle composizioni per chitarra del M° Domenico Scaminante.
    Ecco di seguito i link utili per scaricare l'intero progetto discografico:
    La tracklist del CD presenta le seguenti composizioni:
    1. Sonatina Ellittica 1° Delirium
    2. Sonatina Ellittica 2° Somnium
    3. Sonatina Ellittica 3° Motus
    4. Studio n.1 - Omaggio a Ernesto Cordero
    5. Studio n.2 - Omaggio a Francisco Tarrega
    6. Studio n.3
    7. Studio n.4 - La Littorina
    8. Studio n.5 - Al Parco
    9. Studio n.6 - Valzerando
    10. Studio n.7 - Marcia dispettosa
    11. Studio n.8 - Tango Loco
    12. Studio n.9 - Ninna Nanna
    13. Suite Omaggio 1° Omaggio a Ernesto Cordero
    14. Suite Omaggio 2° Omaggio a Joaquin Turina
    15. Suite Omaggio 3° Omaggio a Franco Margola
    16. Canzone
    17. Tarantella 1
    18. Tarantella 2
    19. Ghost Track

    Sanz Complete Music for Guitar, Alberto Mesirca

    L'etichetta discografica Brilliant Classics pubblica il nuovo CD del chitarrista italiano @Alberto Mesirca dedicato alla musica per chitarra sola di Gaspar Sanz (1640 - 1710).
    La tracklist include i seguenti lavori:

    Dal sito dell'editore:
    Composer, theorist and guitarist Gaspar Sanz was born in Calanda in Aragón in 1640, and in 1674, in Zaragoza, he published the first edition of his Instrucción de música sobre la guitarra española (Musical Instruction for the Spanish Guitar), containing numerous compositions. Sanz’s music reveals him to have been a key figure in bridging two different musical traditions – the Spanish and the Italian. We know from his own testimony that music from outside Spain was being performed in Zaragoza in his lifetime, and the cultural influence of Austria, with its leanings for the Italian style, would also have been felt in the city at that time. 
    His book, at once a collection of music and a method, was addressed to both aficionados and beginners, as well as professional musicians. It contains practical and innovative advice on harmony, counterpoint and continuo practice for accompanying soloists and dancers, his vast musical knowledge and creativity demonstrated in numerous original compositions and national and foreign songs. While the origins of the latter lie in the folk tradition, by the time Sanz published the Instrucción de música, these had already long been part of the art music from which Sanz drew his inspiration. Having travelled the continent extensively, much of his musical education took place in Italy, and he would have encountered these songs and dances there in instrumental versions. 
    Italian classical guitarist Alberto Mesirca was hailed as ‘prodigiously talented’ in Classical Guitar Magazine, and Kenneth Keaton of American Record Guide praised his album Scarlatti Sonatas as ‘the best Scarlatti I’ve heard on solo guitar’. He is a two-time winner of the “Golden Guitar” Award: for Best Recording in 2007 and as Best Upcoming Artist of the Year in 2009. 
    With this two-CD set, he has recorded all of Sanz’s punteado (plucked) music for guitar, together with the corresponding rasgueado (strummed) parts or dances. He includes his own arrangements of the dances ‘La tarantela’ and ‘Baile de Mantua’, which Sanz published in strummed versions only. 
    Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) was born in Calanda, Aragón in Spain. As a young student he went to Italy to learn his craft and art, and studied with the masters in Rome and Naples. His most important publication was published in 1674: “Instrucción de música sobre la guitarra española” (Musical instruction for the Spanish Guitar). 
    This publication contains theoretical information, instructions on technical aspects of the instrument and its way of playing, and a great number of compositions. The publication had far reaching influence on generations of guitar players to come. This new recording presents the compositions from the manuscript, a wide variety of fugues and mainly dances: the Passacalle, Coriente, Zarabanda, Jiga and other popular dances, with roots in the rich folk music of both Spain and Italy. 
    Master guitarist Alberto Mesirca is twice winner of the Golden Guitar, for the best recording of the Year. He recorded the complete guitar music by Regondi and “Voces de Sefarad” , four centuries of Sephardic Songs. 

    A Spanish Portrait, Luigi Attademo

    La major discografica olandese Brilliant Classics pubblica il nuovo CD del chitarrista italiano @Luigi Attademo.
    Il CD si intitola A Spanish Protrait e contiene le seguenti composizioni:

    Dal sito dell'editore:
    A musical portrait of a master guitar-maker of the 19th century. 
    Great instruments have always been associated with great musicians, and this is true in the guitar world too, at least from the early 19th century onwards. Early in his career, Antonio de Torres (1817-1892), like other luthiers before him, found a performer ideally suited to his instruments – the young Andalusian guitarist Julián Arcas. The technical innovations in construction and timbre pioneered by Torres enabled Arcas to give full expression to his artistry in works such as the florid Fantasía sobre El paño o sea Punto de La Habana with which Luigi Attademo opens this new studio album. 
    Of the generation after Arca, Francisco Tárrega quickly proved himself even more gifted in both performancecomposition. So much so that Torres offered him a guitar he had made five years earlier and kept for his own use. This was the FE 17, which Tárrega continued to play for the next 20 years, and which came to define the sound of ‘the Spanish guitar’ to generations of listeners. 
    A groundbreaking instrument in terms of its tonal range and sound potential, the FE 17 became critical to both Tárrega’s success and to the expansion of guitar repertoire during the 19th century: although he continued to compose using the traditional forms of the fantasia and theme and variations, Tárrega also focused on shorter forms borrowed directly from Romantic piano repertoire. With eight original works by Tárrega, Attademo demonstrates the full tonal-dynamic palette of Torres’s instruments. Further selections of popular repertoire by Llobet, alongside his transcriptions of Granados and Albeniz, take the guitar’s evolution through a more advanced stage, exploring different registers, radical harmonies and tone-colours. 
    This bold new concept album should attract the attention of all lovers of Spanish guitar. Luigi Attademo has recorded it using an original Torres SE 122 guitar which has been strung with gut rather than steel to further enhance the potential for experiencing this music in the thrill of its original creation. 
    This recording features an historic guitar, an instrument built in 1888 by the great, legendary guitar maker Antonio de Torres. Many composers were inspired by his magnificent instruments, and he was inspired by the composers who spurred him to extend the technical possibilities of the instrument. 
    The composers included in this appealing program are all Spanish: Julian Arcas, Antonio Cano, Francisco Tarrega, Enrique Granados, Antonio Jimemez Manjon, Isaac Albeniz, and Miguel Llobet. 
    The Torres guitar needs a master to be played on: Luigi Attademo is one of today’s foremost guitarists, with an extensive discography to his name: for Brilliant Classics he recorded works by Paganini, Scarlatti, Bach and a CD devoted to historical guitars.

    Davide Giovanni Tomasi - To the edge of dream

    Esordio discografico del chitarrista italiano Davide Giovanni Tomasi con l'etichetta discografica spagnola Jsn Guitar Records
    Il CD singolo, contiene musica di John Cage, Tōru Takemitsu e Benjamin Britten. Registrato presso gli Rockaway Studios, Castellón de la Plana (España) tra il 15 e il 17 Maggio del 2018

    Dal sito dell'editore:
    Davide Giovanni Tomasi es considerado uno de los solistas más prometedores de su generación. Es el ganador del segundo premio (primer premio no asignado) en la "ARD International Music Competition" en Munich, que es considerado uno de los concursos más prestigiosos del mundo.
    Además, ha ganado más de veinticinco premios en concursos internacionales: 1er premio en la "Tokyo International Guitar Competition", 2º premio en "Guitar Masters 2016" (Wroclaw, Polonia), 1er premio en el "Concurso Internacional de Guitarra José Tomás villa de Petrer" (España), en el "Gargnano International Guitar Competition" y en el "Emilio Pujol International Guitar Competition" en Sassari, 1er premio y premio del público en el "Viseu International Guitar Competition" (Portugal), 1er premio entre todos los instrumentos en el "Premio Fondazione CRT" en Ivrea, y finalmente el "National Prize of Arts", otorgado por el Ministerio de Educación a los mejores músicos que estudian en Italia.
    Le ha sido también asignado el título de “Revelación del año” Golden Guitar en la 22a International Guitar Convention en Alessandria.
    Davide ha tocado como solista con eminentes orquestas, como la "Müncher Rundfunkorchester", la "AUKSO", la "Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra" y la "Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile del Piemonte" entre otras. También dedica parte de su actividad a la música de cámara y últimamente toca a dúo con el guitarrista italiano Marco Musso.
    Ha sido invitado a actuar en prestigiosos lugares, como el "Auditorium del Museo del Violino" en Cremona, el "National Forum of Music" en Wroclaw, el "Prinzregententheater" en Munich, el "International House of Music" en Moscú, el "Teatro Coccia" en Novara, el Aula Magna de la Universidad “La Sapienza” en Roma, el "Teatro Verdi" en Sassari, el "Institute for Italian Culture" en París, el "Grosser Ehrbar Saal" en Viena, el "Hakuju Hall" en Tokio, y muchos otros.
    Desde 2016 es un artista patrocinado por D’Addario.
    Davide Giovanni Tomasi nació en 1991 en Pavía, Italia. Se licenció cum laude en el Conservatorio de Novara con el Mtro. Guido Fichtner cuando tenía solamente dieciocho años. Después, fue aceptado en la Academia Chigiana en Siena donde estudió con el Mtro. Oscar Ghiglia y le fue otorgado un diploma de méritos. Actualmente, asiste a clases magistrales con el Mtro. Paolo Pegoraro y el Mtro. Adriano Del Sal en la Segovia Academy en Pordenone, y a un curso de máster con el Mtro. Paolo Pegoraro en la Kunstuniversität en Graz (Austria).

    Maria Ribera Gibal Interpreta a Emili Pujol

    La chitarrista spagnola Maria Ribera Gibal autoproduce e pubblica il suo CD dedicato alla musica del compositore catalano Emilio Pujol (1886 - 1980)
    La tracklist del CD include le seguenti composizioni:
    Salve Fantasia breu Cançó de bressol (Berceuse) La libèl.lula (Estudi) Preludi Romàntic (Homenatge a Chopin) Estudi VII Romança Rapsòdia Valenciana Aquelarre (Estudi Homenatge a Paganini) El cant dels ocells (Estudi LI) Manola del Avapiés (Tonadilla) Homenatge a Tàrrega Barcarola Scottisch Madrileny (Anònim, versiò, versió d'Emili Pujol) Estudi VI (Romàntic) Guajira Sevilla (Evocació) Tango Men Aala Gibal
    Una breve biografia dell'interprete:
    Guitarist born in Guissona (1988), she has a doctorate in History of Art, having written a thesis dedicated to the guitar and Emili Pujol. She recently presented her first solo album, also dedicated to Pujol.
    Maria is licensed by the Superior Conservatory of the Liceu in the specialty of classical and contemporary guitar with Guillem Pérez Quer. She has a Master Degree in Musicology at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, ?and a Master Degree in guitar interpretation at the University of Alicante, taught by great masters such as David Russell, Manuel Barruecos, the Assad brothers, Paul O'Dette among others. Throughout her career she has also received advice from the teachers Armando Marrosu, Carles Trepat, Eli Kassner. She has won several awards and scholarships. Concerning her concert activity, she has performed at festivals in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Mongolia, China, and has also recently been invited to Japan. 

    The Italian Recital - Daniel Valentin Marx

    Genuin Classics pubblica il CD dedicato al repertorio per chitarra di autori italiani del chitarrista Daniel Valentin Marx
    Daniel Marx is one of the shooting stars of the guitar scene. With his CD "The Italian Recital" he not only makes an impressive debut but also demonstrates his love of Italian music. In the land of opera, singing is unthinkable—and Daniel Marx proves that the guitar can sing! He crosses the centuries, technically and interpretatively at the highest niveau, from the Renaissance to the Romantic period. Molinari's fantasies are just as transparent and sonorous as Regondi's dreams or Scarlatti's sonatas—a real discovery!
    La tracklist:
    Dettagli sul sito dell'editore:

    Lieder con chitarra - Lucia Rizzi e Frédéric Zigante

    ZIGANTE FREDERIC (chitarra)
    RIZZI LUCIA (soprano)
    Titolo: Zemire und Azor (1819) Rose wie bist du reizend
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 72 (1826) n.1 > n.6
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 41 (1818) n.1 > n.6
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.1 Mignons lied
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.2 Lebenslied
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.4 Getrennte Liebe
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.3 Die Stimme der Nacht
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.5 Liebesschwamerei
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lied op 37 (1816) n.6 Lied beim Rundetanz,
    Autore: SPOHR Ludwig - (1784-1859) - Braunschweig -GERMANIA
    Titolo: Lieder tedeschi op 89 n.1 > n.6
    Autore: GIULIANI Mauro - (1781-1829) - Bisceglie - ITALIA

    Guitarreo - Antonio Rugolo

    RUGOLO ANTONIO (chitarra)
    Titolo: Sonata per chitarra op 47 (1976)
    Autore: GINASTERA Alberto Evaristo - (1916-1983) - Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
    Titolo: Danzas de las tres princesas cautivas
    Autore: PEDRELL Carlos - (1878-1941)
    Titolo: Al stardecer, en los jardines de Arlaja
    Autore: PEDRELL Carlos - (1878-1941)
    Titolo: Improvisacion
    Autore: PEDRELL Carlos - (1878-1941)
    Titolo: Trois pieces (a)
    Autore: PEDRELL Carlos - (1878-1941)
    Titolo: Serie Argentina (1934)
    Autore: GILARDI Gilardo - (1889-1963)
    Titolo: Sonata n.4 (Italiana) 'Sonoridades 1977'
    Autore: SANTORSOLA Guido - (1904-1994) - Canosa di Puglia - ITALIA
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