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Sauguet: Complete Music for Guitar

henri sauguet brilliant classics

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Inviato 11 marzo 2016 - 11:46



Nuova release della casa discografica Brilliant Classics dedicata al repertorio originale per chitarra del Novecento.

Si tratta del CD singolo dedicato alla musica di Henri Sauguet (1901 - 1989)


Alfonso Baschiera, chitarra
Federica Lotti, flauto
Nicola Boscaro, violoncello


Henri Sauguet composed for many solo instruments, but writing for the guitar was where his passion lay, describing the instrument as ‘very noble’ and ‘one of the great instruments that belong to all ages’. An eclectic, prolific and original composer, Sauguet’s great gift lay in his ability to construct with just a few notes sound sketches that transcend genres, taking inspiration from a wide pool of trends. Sauguet began composing music for the guitar in 1958 with Soliloque, a vibrant, emotionally charged piece in which tonality and modality intermingle with chromaticism, and continued with the elegant harmonic solutions of Trois Préludes in 1970 and the subtle and expressive neo-modality of Musiques pour Claudel in 1973. These two suites, written to celebrate the French writer Paul Claudel, were followed by Six Pièces faciles in 1975, which was more frivolous in nature but nevertheless evocative, with memorable melodic themes. The crowning note in his guitar music writing career came with Révérence à Johann Sebastian Bach, written in 1985 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the great German composer’s birth, and Cadence, his final piece for the solo guitar written at the age of 84 and published posthumously in 1990, containing two distinct sections that intertwine, the first part mechanical and regular, the second contemplative and lyrical.

Sauguet  was a favourite pupil of Erik Satie and Charles Koechlin. Later he became closely related to the famous Groupe des Six, the composers around Poulenc, Auric and Milhaud. His fame spread, and he was commissioned to write ballets for Diaghilev’s Les Ballets Russes and Ida Rubinstein.

Sauguet’s style is a reflection of the pluriform development of 20-th century music: impressionism, expressionism, Darmstadt School, all had their influence on him. His “native’ language however is one of expressive lyricism, and that warmth of feeling shines through all his works.
This new recording presents Sauguet’s complete output for guitar: small scale works written in cycles, miniatures of great beauty, originality and strong contrasting feelings.


La tracklist:


Info sul sito di Brilliant Classics  >


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