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Found 11 results

  1. 8 downloads

    Vitaly Kharisov (Russia, 1962) - Preludio n.2 from Four Preludes for guitar (C) Vitaly Kharisov VP Music Media
  2. 4 downloads

    Sergey Rudnev (Russia, 1955) - In the Lukomorie Land from Suite on Personages of Alexander Pushkin's Fairy Tales for guitar (C) 2002 Sergey Rudnev VP Music Media
  3. 5 downloads

    Oleg Kiselev (Russia, 1964) - Prelude from 10 Etudes for guitar (C) Oleg Kiselev VP Music Media
  4. 3 downloads

    Oleg Kiselev (Russia, 1964) - Merry Penguin from Have a Moment's Rest from Carcassi (Album of children's pieces) for guitar (C) Oleg Kiselev VP Music Media
  5. 2 downloads

    Oleg Kiselev (Russia, 1964) - Along the soft carpet of fallen leaves from 10 Etudes for guitar (C) Oleg Kiselev VP Music Media
  6. 3 downloads

    Idiatulla Nigamatov (Russia, 1948) - Four Pieces for guitar (C) Idiatulla Nigamatov VP Music Media
  7. 5 downloads

    Giovanni Albini (Italia, 1982) - Studi n.1 & 2 da 12 Studi semplici per chitarra (C) Giovanni Albini VP Music Media
  8. 4 downloads

    Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - The Mistress of Copper Mountain from Malachite Casket (Suite in 7 parts) for guitar (C)2000 Evgeny Baev VP Music Media
  9. 6 downloads

    Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - Sticheron n.2 from 5 Stichera for guitar (C)2000 Evgeny Baev VP Music Media
  10. 3 downloads

    Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - Dwarf n. 3 from The Seven Dwarfs plus One (Suite) for guitar (C)2000 Evgeny Baev VP MusicMedia
  11. I Four Preludes del compositore russo Vitaly Kharisov (1962) pubblicati dalle edizioni VP Music Media. Vitaly KHARISOV, Tatarstan, Russia (1962). Composer, guitarist studied composition at the Kazan Conservatory where he currently teaches. Member of the Union of the Russian Composers. Compositions contain: Symphony for orchestra, Poem for orchestra and folk instruments, Concertino for piano and orchestra, Concerto-Poem for a bassoon and strings, instrumental and vocal compositions, pieces for, stage and film music. Questi preludi per chitarra sono parte della tracklist della
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