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Cristiano Porqueddu

Jackson Pollock in un corto di Léo Verrier

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Jackson Pollock, uno dei massimi esponenti dell’action painting americana, in un corto di Léo Verrier. Un divoratore di quadri costretto a trasformarsi in un ladro con tanto di calzamaglia in testa, in un fuggitivo, in un ricercato per la ricerca del suo inimitabile stile.

New York, 1950. Fascinated by paintings, Jack scours the museums all day long. He steals paintings hides them at home to… eat them ! Those masterpieces are his food and put him deep in ecstasy when he chew them up. But the more he eats those paintings the scarcer they become.

Driven mad by hunger, he violently throws paint on the canvas. The result is unexpected and the paint he splashed made beautiful patches. From this moment, Jack discovers he has the talent of an artist fed by his feelings. His exhibited canvas are a great success and thus he becomes a world widely known artist.




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