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Angelo Gilardino "A Quiet Song"

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Dal Live Journal del chitarrista americano David Norton:


"A Quiet Song", to the memory of John W. Duarte
It was two weeks ago today that the sad news arrived that the famous British musician John Duarte had passed away.
For some months previously, I had been toying with the idea of commissioning Angelo Gilardino (known in LJ land as calatrava) with writing a new solo classical guitar piece for me. The news from London of Duarte's death spurred me to take action on this idea, especially considering that Angelo and Jack had been friends, and also that Angelo had published a number of Duarte's pieces with Berben Publications of Italy.
In the remarkably short time span of 11 days, Maestro Gilardino has delivered a wonderful new work. Because it is important to Angelo and to myself that Jack Duarte's memory be commemorated openly, I am posting these files "for free download" (and hoping that my ISP doesn't pull the plug due to excessive bandwidth usage!!)
Feel free to use and share these files as you wish. They are offered by Angelo and myself in the same spirit of generosity which John Duarte showed to so many.

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