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Nuovi CD di musica del XX e del XXI secolo

Virginia Luque suona "Gran Jota" di F. Tarrega


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Virginia Luque


Francisco Tarrega, Gran Jota.


Video Youtube (8 min., 19 sec.)





Il filmato contiene fotografie d'epoca e immagini che documentano il contesto culturale e territoriale in cui è pensata la composizione di F. Tarrega.

Ecco il testo di presentazione:

"Virginia Luque plays a new version of the " Gran Jota" by Francisco Tarrega.


Gran Jota was written by Tarrega in 1872. His teacher was the well known guitarist Julián Arcas Lacal who already wrote a Jota Aragonesa in early years. This one by Tarrega is a revived and rewritten Jota inspired in the one by his beloved teacher.


The piece contains a showy Lisztean introduction with new variations alternated with repetitive refrains. It incorporates virtually every element of a virtuosistic technique that a classical guitarist can make possible on the instrument.


In adition to that, originally it is a group dance piece that usually is performed as a virtuosistic finale with voice, most of the time male and female accompanied by bandurrias, guitars, dancers playing castanets and as well as the solo instrumental version, it involves is performed as a virtuosistic finale with voice, most of the time male and female accompanied tremendous demanding effort technically speaking."


Il sito web di Virginia Luque è a questo url: www.virginialuque.com




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