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Asiana V, Nikola Starcevic

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Asiana V

Esordio in chiave compositiva del giovane Starcevic, vincitore del Falletta International Composition Competition for Guitar 2007

Alcune informazioni su Nikola Starcevic:

NS was born in 1980 in ‎Loznica (Serbia). A student of Professor Vera Ogrizovic, he is a graduate of the ‎Belgrade Music Academy and now lives in Belgrade (Serbia) and works as a classical ‎guitar teacher. He plays and composes very different kinds of music for guitar, chamber and symphonic orchestra. He uses a wide range of musical languages — neo-baroque, neo-classical, neo-romantic, jazz, world music, and the most ‎characteristically in his pieces — Balkan style. Situated as he is in the center of the Balkans, ‎surrounded by countries with a rich culture, Starcevic’ music is influenced by the ‎unstable region, colored by nostalgia and strange sadness, but brimming with ‎energy. The music is like a handwoven carpet, colorful and full of beautiful ‎ornaments, but when you look more carefully and closely, you will see all the beauty ‎of colors and art of every single pattern, thread and string woven in. Many of his ‎pieces are written combining classical and Balkan musical style, harmony, form and ‎structure. Nikola won a few important prizes for composition, like the USA Songwriting Competition in 2005 in the World Music category with a piece for 3 guitars entitled Water-mill, the JoAnn Falletta International Composition Competition for Guitar 2007 Buffalo, New York, with Asiana V.

Link per l'acquisto:

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