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Works for Guitar, Trinidad Huerta

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Works for Guitar, Trinidad Huerta


Contenuto del volume:
Trinidad Huerta was known in mid nineteenth-century Paris as "The Paganini of the Guitar." He performed throughout Spain, Portugal, London and Paris and was the first classical guitarist to concertize in the United States. Applauded at the height of his career by the likes of Victor Hugo and Hector Berlioz, he died in poverty and remains forgotten to this day.

Active as a concert guitarist from the 1820's up to his death in 1874. He traveled widely and spent time in America, England, Spain and Continental Europe. He was highly regarded in his time as a performer, but has been remembered in modern times mainly through unusual anecdotes. This book presents a comprehensive overview of this fascinating guitarist's life. Half of the book is devoted to an in-depth chronology, full reference excerpts and all known portraits, with the other half comprising the music. Contents:

* a la Memoire d'Adolphe Nourrit - A. T. Huerta
* A Spanish National Cachucha, With Variations - A. T. Huerta
* Alice Gray - Madame Huerta
* Andante and Allegretto - Madame Huerta
* Bolero - A. T, Huerta
* Chi Mai di Questo Core - A. T. Huerta
* Divertimento - P. Verini
* Fantaisie - A. T. Huerta
* Fantasia on the most favorite airs from Der Freyschutz - S. Pratten
* Favorite Romance on a Scotch air with Variations - A. T. Huerta
* Five Waltzes - A. T. Huerta
* Four Divertimentos - A. T. Huerta
* Gran Vals - A. T. Huerta
* Grand March, from La Gazza Ladra - A. T. Huerta
* Grand Waltz, de la Solitudine - A. T. Huerta
* Grande Wals - A. T. Huerta
* Mary A. Roon - Madame Huerta
* Meditacion - F. Sor
* Nouvelle Grande Fantaisie sur le theme de la Cachucha Nationale - A. T. Huerta
* Recitativo & Pastorela - A. T. Huerta
* Recuerdo Triste - A. T. Huerta
* Seis Grandes Valses - A. T. Huerta
* Six Waltzes - A. T. Huerta
* Souvenir d'une Soiree a Passy, Symphonie Fantastique - A. T. Huerta
* Souvenir of the Fair at Mairena in Spain - A. T. Huerta
* The celebrated Fantasia, founded on Rossini's Overture to Semiramide - A. T. Huerta
* The Hymn of Riego: a much admired Spanish quick step arranged for the piano forte - A. T. Huerta
* Three Divertimentos - A. T. Huerta
* Three Waltzes - A. T. Huerta
* Wals - A. T. Huerta
* Weep Not for Me - Madame Huerta

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