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Nuovi CD di musica del XX e del XXI secolo

Matanya Ophee Guitar Collection

Cristiano Porqueddu

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E' online la collezione privata di chitarre del musicologo-editore Matanya Ophee.




Dal sito:

This is to show all who might be interested, pictures of the guitars in my collection. Some of these guitars are for sale, most are not. If anyone is interested in purchasing the guitars that are for sale, please consider the following.

1. I am not a guitar dealer, and I have no desire to enter into this business. I simply wish to make some of these guitars available to others who might be interested, and I would rather deal with the buyer directly, then through other dealers and brokers.

2. I am not in position to send guitars on approval. All sales are finals and returns will not be accepted. I would encourage anyone interested, to come to my house and check the guitar in person, before deciding on a purchase. I would never buy a used guitar sight unseen, and I would not advise any one else to do so.

3. Guitars will be shipped by UPS or FEDEX, fully insured for the sale price, to any destination world wide. The cost of shipment will be calculated in advance, and the buyer would have to add it to the payment for the guitar itself.

4. Payment can be accepted by bank wire transfer, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and discover), Moneygram, Western Union and by personal or bank checks. If paying by check, shipment will not be made until the check was cleared by the bank.


Link: http://www.matanyaophee.com/collection/index.html

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