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Nuovi CD di musica del XX e del XXI secolo

Análisis Biomecánico de la Técnica de la guitarra clásica

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Análisis Biomecánico de la Técnica de la guitarra clásica




Nuova pubblicazione della "Galene Editions" dedicata a una serie di esercizi per la prevenzione di lesioni e distonia focale.

Lo scritto è essenziale e molto preciso, corredato da foto e immagini a scopo esplicativo.






Il PDF costa 6 euro ed è possibile scaricarlo immediatamente dopo il pagamento con carta di credito.

E' ben scritto e molto chiaro.


Alcune F.A.Q. sul metodo di Farias dal sito focaldystonia.net:


What does Dr. Farias' treatment consist of?

Dr Farias discovered that most of the musicians affected by F.D experienced some unexpected moments of freedom from Focal Dystonia due to unknown reasons, during the first months after the onset of the illness. It was observed that both proper coordination and dysfunctional coordination coexist simultaneously in musicians affected by F.D.

That made him hypothesize that the body is naturally able to restore proper coordination by itself in less time than previously supposed.

As a consequence, the goal of the treatment is to facilitate this process of reorganization. This treatment is called Inductive Proprioceptive Stimulation (I.P.S).

In addition, he discovered that the involuntary tensions during playing occur due to various factors. Knowing them allows you to get control over them. The recovery process can be induced playing your instrument naturally . During this process you should use your imagination and pay attention to the subtle relationship between emotions and movements.


What makes Dr.Farias' method different?

Other treatment methods take a long time to see some improvement and are psychologically counterproductive because they reinforce the undesired movements and feed anxiety. They only deal with the symptoms and don't address the root cause.


In Dr. Farias' approach, we try to reduce the recovery process to the shortest length possible. This minimizes frustration, stress and depression that can appear as a result of going a long time without adequate support and guidance.


Using proprioceptive stimulation, it is possible to achieve remarkable improvements in movement and coordination in a surprisingly short period of time and from the first moment of treatment, as shown in our Videos.


Why should I try Dr.Farias method before trying other more aggressive therapeutic approaches?

Propioceptive Stimulation is natural, fast and, most importantly,


You will recover more control over your hands in 4 days than using medication injecting Botulinum Toxin, or doing other exercises for a long period of time.

Unlike other aggressive treatments, in Dr. Farias' method you will not experience any unpleasant or undesired side effects.


The therapeutic experience always takes place in a musical context.

You will experience joy as you recover control over your movements.


What do people have to say about the treatment?


"I feel more connected to my body". Michael B.


"I feel more in control over my performance". Claude F.


"It is like awaking from a nightmare". Eva M.


"I feel like my psychological tension has been reduced dramatically"

"I improved much more than I expected in such a short period of time". Akiko W.


more testimonials ►


How much time do I need to recover using Inductive Proprioceptive Stimulation ?

The average time of recovery of 90-100% of abilities is established as six months to one year of training. Some individuals have recovered 80 to 95% in 3 months. These cases refer to the duration of self -training between the first and the last session.


Why does this method take several months while other treatments take years?

The goal of the I.P.S treatment is not to create any new motor skill but to recall the skills developed in the past. Because of that, the time needed to jog a memory could be several seconds or months depending on the individual.


Where does the money from the book and DVD sales go?

The money goes towards editing and publishing self-help material for musicians affected by F.D.


Are there any scientific publications about the use of I.P.S in F.D treatment?

Yes, you can read an article presented at The Spanish Society of Anatomy that will be published in the European Journal of Anatomy in 2009 . ►


Where can I learn I.P.S?

Individual intensive seminars are held in Sevilla (Spain) all year round . Throughout the year, special seminars are also organized in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Toronto, New York and Boston.

It is also possible to request a seminar in your area.


What do the overseas seminars consist of?

The seminar is a 4-day course during which each person receives 6 to 8 hours of intensive and individual training.


What does the individual seminar consist of?

Focal Dystonia is like a complex network of tensions. The instructor guides you and reveals clues to unlock the movements, relaxing the tensions layer by layer. You will be led to find the tensions that trigger the other tensions.


Why aren't these instructions published?

The instructions differ according to the context. They are different for different people, instruments and circumstances.



Info e acquisto onLine (formato PDF):


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